After a sold out 3 day launch exhibition, Burniture got chosen to show their first collection at New Designers 2023, and then went on to win ‘The Sustainability Award’ courtesy of Decorex, part of which also entitled them to a stall at their world renowned high-end interior design exhibition.

Since its first show the Rohan chair has undergone several human-tested improvements, from the angling of the back rest for increased lumbar support to the addition of the leather straps for ease of transportation. This fair marks the official product launch of this piece.

We also now have various other batches in store for you, from Christmas collections to collaborations with artists for painted packs.

US X 42


All of our furniture is made out of scraps that were found on the street, in skips, or donated to us. This, in combination with batch manufacturing allows us to avoid excess material waste, and each chair to be unique.


As a chair made for the leisurely activity of reading, chatting, relaxing it is designed with a particular focus on providing lumbar support. We ran several chair testing sessions to get to our final design.


The Rohan Chair is a perfect product for batch manufacturing because:

It is impossible to estimate the exact number of chairs to make, and therefore how much material to source (and we think companies should be more honest about that!). Due to the fact that we only sustainably source our materials, we will never have a constant supply of the same thickness material pre machining, and so each batch of chairs will be marginally unique in their depth.

Say we find some scaffolding boards which are thicker than shelves, we wouldn’t then reduce the boards to the same thickness just for standardisation sake, and to avoid extractor bags full of unnecessary sawdust waste!


The Rohan Chair is made with the knowledge that we all have busy, active lives. Our flat pack design comes with custom made adjustable straps made from recycled materials, allowing the she sitter to pack it up, carry it and set it up anywhere they see fit.


This is the essence of Burniture. The Rohan Chair is constructed with a simple design that can fit in any space or used in any place. Importantly, this simple design allows us to keep the footprint of the chair low.


We have our own warranty system which we call Sustainable Swapping. If any pieces of the Rohan chair become faulty, we promise to replace the part free of charge within the first year.