The bark pattern on our first edition wallpaper was one of the earliest designs we made for the Burniture brand. It appeared on the front cover of our first printed magazine, and on our first Burn-attire bag.

It is all at once homely, earthly and exotic and the stripes have become synonymous with our sustainable but stylish simplicity. We have partnered with John Mark Ltd, the global leader of digitally printed wall coverings (all made sustainably in the UK), to provide our wall paper to customers far and wide.


Each roll is 10m long and 52cm wide:
1 - 49 rolls at £129.27
50 - 99 rolls at £125.31
100 - 149 rolls at £121.56
150 - 199 rolls at £117.99
200 + rolls at £114.42


The inks used are HP Latex eco-friendly water-based, which means they are non-toxic and very low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). HP latex inks are free from Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Lead (tested to >0.2ppm) and Formaldehyde. John Mark are members of HP Planet Partners which is the #1 printer supplies recycling program, and have FSC certification.

John Mark’s long term commitment is to become the most ecologically friendly wallpaper printing company in the industry; they are currently reviewing running their factory on solely green energy, and becoming Carbon neutral by 2030.


Usually two to three weeks for printing and dispatch.


The pattern and background colours are completely customisable! We always suggest trialling any new colour combination customised orders at £35.00 each plus vat.  These usually take two weeks.


John Mark deal with any issues related to production on an individual basis, and reprint or provide credit if the fault is theirs.


We can print A4 or A3 samples, with a minimum order quantity of twenty.