You’ve heard of fast food, fast fashion but what about fast furniture? (Clue: it’s just as bad for the environment.)

Burniture was born because furniture never dies... But it can be given a second life. We stand against a one-way system of production, consumption, and disposal because we believe our lives don’t need more things, things need to be given more lives.

By having a piece of Burniture in your home you are helping to promote sustainable shopping, introducing the idea (in style) to your circles and inspiring them to make the change




We rescue old scraps of furniture from skips, the street, and donations.


We take them to our studio and repurpose them through a process of creative reconstruction.


We find them a new home so their story can continue. Each piece comes with an adoption booklet about where we found it and how it was rescued and repurposed, as well as a packet of seeds for a plant to match your purchase.

We are building a new kind of furniture company, because we believe craft and interior design are sectors with huge power to change mental and environmental health.
 Burniture for us is more than just a company that makes furniture, it is a workshop that houses all kinds of creatives. We aren’t just building tables, but an ecosystem of people to work and laugh around them.
 We host crafternoons and Sunday sessions for cross disciplinary collaboration.Our work spans the fields of art, design, film, music, photography, apparel and events, disturbing consumer culture through championing the circular economy in all creative spheres. But our fundamental focus is, and always will be, Furniture!